Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Instances of unsafe salt intake levels

It is currently a well known fact that high salt intake is harmful to our bodies. But we do not generally consume salt as food but merely as a food additive. So logically, there being various forms of food there oft to be some that go together with just much more salt in comparison to others.
A serving of lean beef would not require as much salt as the same amount of fatty beef, such as hump, the fat content tends to lean towards nausea and salt acts as mediator enabling easy ingestion. Speaking of meat, brain and intestines also tend to need more salt to enable one to eat them.
Eggs, especially boiled ones have the same tendency.
But all these food types have one thing in common, according to common knowledge, they cause heart conditions, now the question arises is it not the salt that goes together with these foods that is the main culprit here?
Case in point: the Maasai herdsmen of East Africa consume a lot of fat meat in their range lands but they do not have heart conditions at the same levels as the global average, they on the other hand have a problem with availability of salt in their grazing areas so their salt consumption is minimal.
Please nutritional researchers go to work!!

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