Friday, July 15, 2016

So how varied are terror attack possibilities nowadays?


We have witnessed enough varieties of terrorist attacks now such that maybe it is safe to assume a capability to predict. Before September 11 no one could imagine a scenario where an airplane could be hijacked and be used on a suicide mission involving the loss of thousands of innocent lives. Now that possibility is there and much more. A nuclear attack can not be excluded, but it requires much more complex technology and organisational capability (terror networks are quite highly organised though). But there are far simpler scenarios which are equally grim.Think of the truck that rammed into a group of people in France and killed 84 just yesterday.
 Now imagine introducing a cyanide to the water supply system of a major city!!, I am sure a lot of cities around the world do not have the capability to detect deadly poisons in their water supply in an instant and block the flow before it reaches consumers!, how are we prepared for such an easy to implement yet deadly attack which does not even necessitate suicide? 
So many poisonous agents exist which are cheap and easily available as well as readily soluble in water.Think about it!

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