Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Not all nitrogen bearers are food!

Beware, the most simple test for proteins,  Kjeldahl,  involves decomposing suspect samples in boiling hot Sulfuric acid to release organic Nitrogen as Ammonium Sulfate which is then transformed into Ammonia and titrated to quantify N.
This method declares the amount of Nitrogen in the analyte sample and works on any compound containing N.
But then Melamine, as an example has 67% by mass N and is not a protein and worse still it is harmful if consumed. The Kjeldahl test works just fine in determining N in Melamine and is the culprit in a number of Chinese food contaminant cases, since it was relied too much in determining proteins in food by way of estimating N in the past unscrupulous companies added melamine to baby milk and animal feed to fake an abundance of proteins.
The best milk for your baby may well be direct from a cow you raise or feed yourself if you can not trace the origins of what your baby eats.

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