Friday, May 6, 2016

Of pesticide laden cooking stove smoke!!

As are other things in sub Saharan Africa,especially in rural areas,the cooking is basic,one could be justified in saying...barely more advanced than during the stone age!!
An earthern cooking pot sits on top of three stones arranged in a triangular pattern on the bare ground with firewood protruding from the three holes in between the stones is our cooking place.
The firewoods are the only source of heat energy available for the cooking.
This setup is the basis for many a request for improvement of the system by introduction of biogas technology,utilising animal and farm waste to generate cooking energy in a cleaner atmosphere so as to save villagers from catching or aggravating respiratory diseases.
But this can get worse...!
In coffee farming regions,especially in large plantations run by foreign investors, the coffee trees are uprooted after three to five years since planting,depending on variety.The uprooted coffee trees, which are usually sprayed with pesticides for all their lifetime to maximize yield are sold to villagers living near the plantations to be used as firewood!!
But what to expect if you are burning as firewood a pesticide laden piece of coffee tree,the smoke can not be pesticide free of course!!
So we have crisis for women and children in these areas (they are the ones most affected by cooking and staying around the kitchen longest).
Areas affected are Kilimajaro,Kagera,Arusha,Tukuyu,Manyara and other coffee farming araeas.
Take care pls.

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