Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Be careful what you do with green leafy vegetables

Hello,for those of us who try to circumvent kids' refusal to eat green veggies by boiling the vegetables and making them drink the green extract,STOP!.
Some green leafy vegetables eg.spinach,swiss chard and the  brassicas (cabbagebroccolibrussels, sprouts) contain Oxalic acid in such significant amounts that even eating them straight at more than a moderate serving on a regular basis  itself threatens your health.
Oxalic acid H2CO4 is an acid that occurs in nature, it is one of the constituents of urine by being among the bodily waste matter mix.
It is part of a lot of food types that we eat at a moderate concentration but some contain just too much for safe metabolism and disposal.Spinach for instance contains 645mg/100grms raw and 755mg/100grms cooked!, the increase is caused by the process of cooking!!.
But what is wrong with oxalic acid?
Oxalic acid has a tendence of shedding the "H2" and acquiring metallic ions in its place to form metal oxalates, eg CaCO4, Na2CO4, MgCO4 etc. Among these CaCO4 (calcium Oxalate) has the unwelcome quality of being the maker of Kidney stones (renal calculi).
75% of kidney stones in the USA originates from calcium oxalate!
So to stay safe better eat the whole spinach material instead of boiling to extract the green juice because by doing so you maximise the concentration of oxalic acid consumed per 100mg and increase chances of forming calcium oxalate in your kidneys.
Compiled from wikipedia and other sources.

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